100 years of the State Natural Biosphere Reserve "Barguzinsky"

100 years of the State Natural Biosphere Reserve "Barguzinsky"

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The Barguzinsky Nature Reserve is the first state nature reserve in Russia. Established on December 29, 1916 (January 11, 1917) for the purpose of studying, preserving and restoring the most valuable fur-bearing animal - the sable.

Located on the northeastern coast of Lake Baikal, on the western slopes of the central part of the Barguzin ridge. The area is 366,870 hectares. At the time of its creation, there were only 20–30 sable individuals in the reserve; currently there are 1–2 individuals per 1 km². All natural objects and complexes are subject to protection and study: subsoil, water, soil, fauna, air basin, vegetation. Here is one of the few places in Russia where virgin forests have been preserved.

Since 1986, the Barguzinsky Nature Reserve has been included in the list of UNESCO biosphere reserves. This is evidence of international recognition of his merits not only in the study and restoration of sable, but also in preserving the natural biodiversity of the Baikal region. In 1996, the territory of the reserve became fully part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site “Lake Baikal”.