About us

We are a team of enthusiastic people who loves postcrossing a lot! And we are very happy that our favorite hobby turned into career. Our store was opened back in 2011, when the search for new postcards was more like a quest and we could only dream about colorful tapes, decorative stickers or original stamps. 

Over the years, we have printed more than 2,000 different types of postcards, which have been scattered to postcrossers on almost every continent (except, perhaps, Antarctica). In our shop you will also find many sets of postcards, stickers, decorative tapes, envelopes and much more.


About our postcards.

Exceptional product quality is our priority.

All postcards in the "Postcards" section are printed by us. They are single-sided and ideal for shipping without an envelope. We use only Finnish high-density white paperboard of 315 g/m2 for printing, so that postcards can cope with the difficulties of transportation on the way to the recipient. The front side is covered with glossy lamination, and the back is matt and pleasant to feel, invariably having a convenient lining for the address, place for stamps and text.

All postcards in the "Postcard Sets" section are created by our partners, manufacturers from Russia and China. Their density and other characteristics may differ from postcards made by us. A detailed description of each product is presented on the product page.


How to find us?

Our office is located in Russia, Ivanovo-city, ul. Kariernaya, house 58 («Suvorova street» bus stop towards the center).

Pickup is possible only after a preliminary call.

Contact phone number: +7 962 1666655