Series “Decorative and Applied Arts of Russia”. Wood carving

Series “Decorative and Applied Arts of Russia”. Wood carving

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Wood carving is one of the types of decorative and applied arts, an ancient folk craft. Abramtsevo-Kudrinskaya carving originated in the Abramtsevo estate near Moscow, in the village of Kudrino; Vasily Vornoskov is considered its creator. The most complex type of carving is sculptural. Bogorodskaya carving is considered a separate subspecies of it. Its center is the village of Bogorodskoye, Sergiev Posad district, Moscow region. Wood carving in the “Tatyanka” style was created by Shamil Sasykov in 1990 and patented as his own unique invention. The main place of origin of the “Pomeranian Dove”, or the Arkhangelsk bird of happiness, is considered to be the Arkhangelsk province.

The postage stamps depict objects made in different wood carving techniques: Bogorodskaya carving, Abramtsevo-Kudrinskaya carving, northern carving and Tatyanka carving.