Series "Arctic Tourism". The village of Teriberka, Murmansk region

Series "Arctic Tourism". The village of Teriberka, Murmansk region

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Arctic tourism in Russia is part of tourism in the Arctic - the physical-geographical region of the Earth adjacent to the North Pole and including the outskirts of the continent in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Ocean and the land territories of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

Tourist operators of the Russian Federation offer sea cruises, rafting, boating, fishing and hunting, skiing and hiking routes in the Arctic region.

Teriberka is a village in the Murmansk region on the shores of the Barents Sea. It is famous for its incredible atmosphere and exoticism, the opportunity to try colorful local cuisine and admire the endless tundra expanses, picturesque northern lights, unusual monuments of the past and the remains of ships.

The postage stamps depict the village of Teriberka, Murmansk region.