You’d like to order some postcards, but are unaware of how that should be done?
hope that this small instruction will help you.

1) Click on the Buy button under each particular postcard to place all that you are eager to order to the basket.

If you wish ordering several similar items, please click on the Buy button as many times as you need. Each click adds +1 postcard to your basket.

2) When you are done with your purchase selection, you should go to the order submission stage.

At the top right corner of the page, point the cursor to the basket, and you will see the Submit Order button. Click on it without any hesitation :)

3) If you have already signed up to the website, please log in to your account by clicking on the “Sing In” button. The use of the same account will help you cumulating your individual discount to be added automatically to each one of your orders.
If you don’t have an account yet, please fill in your data carefully in all fields offered by the shop. Please be very attentive to the email field, as it is right the address to which we will be sending all updates on your order, including its tracking number.
We will be much grateful, if you give your phone number. This will allow us promptly contacting you, in case that some particular story is not available in stock now.

Please select the most appropriate means of delivery and mode of payment. To do this, check the round radio button against your selection.

4) Great! Now, all your data are there. However, that’s not all yet :)
You have a dear discount coupon, but do not know how to use it?
That’s super-easy! :)

Please type your code in the Coupon field at the bottom of the page. We send such coupons to our subscribers on special occasions such as our store’s anniversary, New Year’s sell-out, etc.

You need to type only the code in the Coupon field, without any gaps or other symbols.

Click on the Apply button.

5) Make sure that the coupon applied. The Total payment amount should change in your order.
Next, click on "Order".

6) What to do, if I do not see the Submit Order Button?
Please first check that all the fields are filled in. If they are, the reason is most likely the following.

If you see an inscription Products market with *** are not available in the required quantity or not in stock!”, you need to delete such items from the basket. The names of those items are marked with *** at the end as shown in the image below. After deleting such items from the basket, you will see the Submit Order button at the right bottom corner of the page.

In case of any additional questions, please contact us, and we will gladly help you :)
Our email:

Have some great purchases!