Our shop is located in Ivanovo, Ivanovo Oblast (300 km away from Moscow).

All orders are carefully packed into dense corrugated cardboard securely protecting the products from all possible damages in the course of shipment.

Each order is assigned an individual tracking number using which you can easily track its path of delivery on the website of the Russian Post. 

For getting your order, you will need to contact your post office with your passport (you will also have to take with you the parcel notification or tracking number proving that the order has already been shipped to your post office).

The delivery time may vary from 2 to 16 days, depending on the location of your region.

Also, the first-class post delivery option is available (in the Sale section of our website, you can add this option to the shopping cart).


Mail delivery in Russia at 100% prepayment:

 Order amount

 Cost of delivery

 0-649 rubles

 85 rubles

 650 rubles and more



Fully prepaid orders are always prepared as a priorityOrder batching takes 2 to 4 business (not calendar!daysbut we always do our best to minimize those delays. =) 

When placing an order with prepayment, please take note of the payment deadlines. Such orders must be paid within 7 calendar days. Right for this period, the products you’ve chosen will be stocked for you at our warehouse. In case that an order remains unpaid, it will be abolished, and the respective product can thereafter be ordered by any other visitor. You can always extend the payment deadlines by contacting our shop’s manager in advance via e-mail info@postal-shop.ru.

Mail delivery in Russia with 
payment at the post office:

 Order amount

 Cost of delivery

 0-499 rubles

 Not available

 500 - 1999 rubles

 140 rubles

 2000 rubles and more


Order batching takes 2 to 4 business (not calendar!daysbut we always do our best to minimize those delays. =) 

If you order a product with collect on deliveryplease remind that you will be charged a commission fee for the money transfer at your postoffice in accordance with the postal rates (approx. to 10 percent).